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R&D Focus

With the focus to build world-class capabilities, ADL has been successful in developing the state-of-the-art R & D Center at Turbhe near Mumbai, besides, it also have 2 In built supporting R & D Centers within our mfg. sites which all are well recognized by Department of Science and Industrial Research, Government of India , headed effectively by skilled & dedicated researchers who have successfully developed, around 30 new molecules within the past four years. Today, the Company, through its innovative and cost-effective process, is continuously developing new value added molecules.

The Strength of R & D team lies in the vast experience & knowledge they possess in the field of Chemistry / synthetic organic chemistry & testing instruments.

Starting from the process research within the labs, process optimization at kilo lab, Pilot Plant and trouble shooting during commercialization, R & D activities, synthesis, isolation, characterization of Related Substance, Reference Standards and Development of analytical methods form the main areas of work, of the Companys’ team of analytical development group.

Profile of ADL Research Labs


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Double jacket glassware vessels (1 to 30 L)

Temperature range ( -60° C to +300° C)

Rotary vacuum Evaporators

Pressure vessels (up to 20 L)

Analytical equipments for in process control GLC/ HPLC / UV / VIS / FT-IR / Digital polarimeter / Auto titrator / others ...


Clean rooms with AHU employing HEPA filters


Glass Vessels (up to 100 L ) (-50°C to +250°C)

Fully equipped for vacuum or azeotropic distillations

S.S. Certrifiuge O 450 mm

S.S. Filter

Rotary Vaccum tray dryer

Tray Dryer

Rotovap (20 L)


Walk-In Fuming chamber

Fume Hoods

Brine Chiller (up to -15°C)

Stand by B Generator


Commonly employed reactions

Alkylation (e.g. Grignard / Eschweiler Clarke…)

Acylation (Friedel - Craft / Others)



Hydrogenation (e.g. Catalytic / High pressure)

Halogenations (Br / Cl / F / I introduction)






Ullmann (etherifications / couplings)


Oxidation (e.g. Oppenauer / Peroxide / Periodate / Permanganase)

Reduction (borohydrides / hydrazine / metal hydride)

Amino acid chemistry

Optical resolutions

Assymmetric Synthesis

Handling of alkyl lithiums / hydrides / cyan

Organometallic chemistry of precious meta

Heterocyclic chemistry (thiophene, thiazole, imidazole, pyridine, pyrimidine, purine, furan, pyrazole, isoxaz)

Sustained by a searching, creative and dynamic approach, the ADL R&D Team of over 50 constantly strives to increase its know-how.

Products & Services

When you become partner with ADL, you'll associate with a team of highly skilled, well trained professionals who are highly experienced in organic chemistry, process engineering, quality control, industrial data processing & automation.

ADL has pilot plants, capable of performing the most advanced synthesis like asymmetric oxidations, steroidal transformations, nucleosidations, amino acid chemistry


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